Race Information


Stock Class

  • Stock 50cc Cylinders only
  • 15mm Carb Max
  • Stock Variator
  • No Launch Lever

Non Variated

  • One Speed and Two Speeds
  • 75cc Max – Moped Only
  • No Scooter Cylinders


  • Single and Dual Variated
  • 75cc Max – Moped Only
  • No Scooter Cylinders


  • <100 cc Max
  • Shifter Mopeds Allowed

Fun Classes

We will have some fun classes too, so bring your small motorcycles and dirt bikes!


Bike Safety


Any carburetor that has overflow bleeders is required to have a catch bottle.


Working brakes are required to access the track.


If bike is water-cooled, the use of coolant is not allowed. Water or WaterWetter must be used instead.


Safetey wire on axle nuts and drain bolts can prevent accidents on the track. See video below.

Rider Safety


Riders must have a full face helmets to be allowed on the track. It is recommended to have a SNELL approved helmet.


Riders must be wearing gloves to be allowed on the track. It is recommended to have motorcycle racing gloves.


Riders must have a jacket covering arms length to be allowed on the track. Full motorcycle race suit recommended.


Riders must have at least full length jeans to be allowed on the track. Full motorcycle race suit recommended.


Green – Start Flag

The flag waved to start the race.

Yellow – Warning Flag

When pointed, there is an obstacle or danger that the rider should be aware of but does not pose a significant risk.

A track official may point the flag at the obstacle.

For example, the flag could be shown but not waving if there is a rider that ran off track and is getting back onto the track.

When waving, it means that there is an immediate danger to riders. A rider could of went down ahead of or there is significant debris on the racing line.

Common courtesy is to not take advantage of the rider ahead of another rider slowing down due to the yellow flag or hazard, to pass them. If it happens by accident the passing rider will need to let them immediately pass back.

Not doing so may result in a penalty.

Red – Danger Flag

The race has stopped.

If a rider has crashed so severely that he or she needs a vehicle to come get them off the track or if there is debris that can not quickly be cleared such as a liquid spill that poses a risk to all riders.

Black – Safety Infraction Flag

If a bike or rider is unsafe and poses a risk to other riders on the track, the race officials may wave ahead of the rider off the track and point them off the track.

In this event, the rider will immediately need to exit he track. If the infraction is due to a mechanical issue it will need to be resolved before returning to the track and finishing the race.

Blue – Courtesy Flag

This flag is used as courtesy to a rider to let them know they are going to get passed by a faster rider. In this event the rider should not react, but maintain their racing line and beware of the rider behind then as to not get caught off guard.

White – Last Lap Flag

Flag is used to indict the start of the last lap.

Checkered – Finish Flag

This flag indicated the end of the race. Riders will exit the track immediately regardless of the number of completed laps. The rider will need to make the scoring official aware that they were lapped.